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Why Josh?

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Women say they want a sensitive boyfriend,

but they want to have sex with a tattooed guy with muscles,

Josh is that guy

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Bad Boyfriend Guarantee

Under no circumstances will you be in a long term commited relationship that is emotionally stable or 100% money back

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.... that is what we got

Client Reviews

Young Woman Portrait

He didn't even remember my name, literally the worst relationship I have ever been in. It really got me to settle for Jim from accounting.

Valerie Gaston

Man Sitting on a Bench in the Park

I really wanted Valerie to like me but she was into guys who were attractive alphas. 2 weeks with Josh had her seing the light.

Jim Bledel

He changed me, Inside and out. I may have changed him, literally, like with a diaper....

good times

Thanks Josh

Jermaine Clifford